13 Fun Facts About Me


I figured it would be fun to share 13 facts about myself that you may not know!! I shared a few of these on my Insta stories recently, but it inspired me to share a few more!! A little about the outfit above before I get started though!! I had to share this sweater for a few reasons! One it’s lightweight and will transition into spring really nicely! Two, it is EXTREMELY soft! When I wear it, I don’t want to take it off! Lastly, it goes with so much! I’ve worn it alone, with vests, and jackets, and it always looks good! So definitely check it out, it comes in a few other colors, and is really such a good basic!

Here Goes Nothing

1. I am obsessed with salsa! So much so, that I even make my own. I keep my chip to salsa ratio at about 10% chip, 90% Salsa! If I had to request a last meal… it just might be chips and salsa!

2. My closet it mainly neutrals! I really don’t mind it, but I try to tell myself to change it up all the time. Then I go to the store or online shop, and everything is in a neutral tone!

3. I am a huge klutz! I trip, bump into things, and knock things over all the time! Literally hip checking tables and counters all the time!

4. Growing up, my dream job was to be a fashion designer. I used to sketch out clothing ideas all the time! And let me tell you, they were not all that good… but hey my love for fashion was always there!

5. I double minored in college in New Age Art and Communications!

6. Jonathan and I are moving to Canada in April for 5 months! I have never lived anywhere but Texas, but hey, I am up for a new little adventure!

7. I was a cheerleader from age 11 t0 age 21! Two of those years were in college at A&M for their competitive team!

8. I don’t eat hamburgers or steak! Not for any special reason, but because I don’t like the way they taste! When I was little, I would spit them out in my napkins so my parents thought I was eating everything.

9. I have a really bad habit of tapping my foot. Jonathan tells me that I shake the whole car sometimes!

10. I have two go-to Starbucks drinks an iced coffee with a few pumps of vanilla and cream or an unsweetened Strawberry Green tea! Every once in a while I will change it up, but it’s pretty rare!

11. I love to workout, I typically work out 5 times a week! I really hate/feel weird when I don’t or if I am too busy and have to skip a day!

12. My favorite place to shop is easily Revolve, but hate that I can’t afford 75% of their stuff! So I just browse and dream most of the time! Nordstrom is a close second but has way more options on the affordable side!

13. I am obsessed with the Chik-Fil-A spicy southwest salad! I eat at least one a week! With a half-and-half tea on the side!

Alright y’all! That’s all I have, not sure if you’ve ever tried to share a ton of facts about yourself, but it’s actually kind of hard to think of on the spot! What is a fun fact about yourself? Leave me a comment down below!

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    Sarah ElD
    February 5, 2018 at 8:25 pm

    I had recently followed you on insta and I feel inspired by your blog. I enjoyed reading your 13 facts, I get to know you little more!! GREAT JOB KEEP IT UP
    Xx from Boston

    1. Reply
      February 6, 2018 at 4:42 pm

      Thank you so much!! That means a lot! Thanks for following along!

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