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Presidents Day Weekend Sales

I am super excited for it to be the weekend! Jonathan and I are heading to College Station for a weekend of baseball and birthdays! We haven’t been back in quite a while, so we’re both pretty excited! Not to mention we get to reunite with so many of our college friends, and celebrate two of their birthdays tomorrow night!

Anyway, with Presidents Day being Monday, there are tons of great sales going on this weekend! So I have rounded them all up for you, and have even put together a selection of  some of my favorite sale picks! I split them up between Winter and Spring, since I know people are shopping for both at this point!! So enjoy!


Nordstrom Winter Sale – Save up to 40% off – Ends 2/25

Express – 40% off everything – Ends Monday 2/19

J.Crew – 30% off everything with code SOGOOD

LOFT – 40% off everything, extra 50% off sale with code HAPPY

Anthropologie – Extra 40% off sale

Old Navy – Up to 50% store wide Ends 2/19

Gap – Up to 50% off everything with an Extra 20% off everything with code PRESDAY – Ends 2/19

6pm – Up to 70% off everything – Ends 2/19

Banana Republic – 40% off your purchase (no code) – Free Shipping Code BRSHIP

Winter Picks

Spring Picks

Hope you all have a great weekend! All of my outfit details can be found in the carousel down below!



Our Wedding Cake

Happy Valentine’s Day! What better day to share our wedding cakes with y’all than today? I mean hello, one of the top things I think of when it comes to valentines day is sweets!! Re-looking through all of these cake pictures definitely makes me want to pull our top-tier out of the freezer, and eat it tonight! Too bad we are saving it for our one year anniversary!



Here a few of the main topics to think about when ordering cakes! I will add in a few tips that might help you out when picking your perfect wedding cake!!

Cake Consultations

One of the best parts of wedding planning was getting to try out the different food and cake vendors! You basically get full meals or full pieces of cake out of these meetings! While I am not a huge sweets person, I do like to splurge on special occasions! So we wanted our cake to not only be pretty, but to taste really good too!

So tip # 1: Even if you think you know where you want your cake from, go to a few different places to test. More cake consultations = more free cake!


When it came to flavors, we didn’t want to pick just one! So after tasting a ton of different flavors, we got down to three. The classics, vanilla, red velvet, and chocolate. (They all had fancier names than that… but let’s be real, I don’t remember them.) Since I don’t like chocolate, we chose to do our wedding cake in alternating levels of red velvet and white. (Yah, yah… I’m a weirdo, I know!)  Then made his grooms cake chocolate, because that is his favorite!!

Tip #2: You do not have to pick just one flavor, this is y’alls day! So do it however you want!


This is a huge topic, some people really think that cake size matters… and some don’t! To us, it wasn’t all about size. We mainly wanted it to be eye-catching, so we went with mid-sized to cut on cost! We had a pretty large wedding, with 280 people attending. So we knew a mid-sized cake wouldn’t feed everyone. So that brings me to my next tip!

Tip #3: To cut cost on your cake, choose a smaller-mid sized cake! Then order extra sheet cakes to balance out the amount of cake you need for your guests! No one will know the difference!

Grooms Cake

As much as I love looking at couple’s wedding cakes, it is almost more fun to see the grooms cake! They tell you a lot about the groom and his personality, plus,  you can do some really fun and detailed things! Jonathan knew he wanted a replica of Texas A&Ms baseball field, Olsen Field as his grooms cake. Since he played baseball there for four years, this was pretty much a no brainer! Plus, it was a huge part of both of our lives honestly!

Tip#4: Let him have a heavy hand in this! This is one of the few things that Jonathan really cared about! From what I have heard from other friends that are recently married or engaged, is that most of our guys don’t have a ton of opinions when it comes to wedding planning! So give them the things they really do care about! Like cake!

Cake Topper

There are a ton of fun cake topper options these days! From the classics, to wood and acrylic cutouts, monograms to replicas of the bride and groom. It can be hard to pin down exactly what you want. Etsy is a great outlet to find the perfect option for you, and a great place to customize!

Tip #5: If you are having a hard time picking a topper, consider all the other elements of your wedding, and choose a topper that fits! For us this was easy, we had wooden cutouts on the head table, behind the dj, and in our Photo Booth! So adding one as the cake topper, was just another piece to tie it all together!

One Year Anniversary Tradition

There is a fun tradition we were told about, where you save the top, and smallest tier of your wedding cake for your one year anniversary! We thought this was really fun, and something we wanted to do!

So Tip #6: Do your research when it comes to how to save the top tier! If you are immediately leaving for your honeymoon, then make sure whoever is in charge of your cake, has done their research! Send them detailed instructions if you need too! Our cake vendor explained the best way to do it (in their opinion of course) to my mom, who was in charge since we left the next day for our honeymoon! So hopefully it still tastes good this coming November!

Cake Vendor: 2tarts Bakery

Cake Topper: The Duo Studio

That pretty much sums up all I have when it comes to wedding cake tips and tricks! I think that both the grooms cake and the wedding cake says a lot about the couple! It’s one of my favorite details to check out at every wedding! If you have a clever cake tip, leave it in the comments down below! I would love to hear them! As always, thanks for stopping by!


Leather Moto Jacket

Jacket | Tank | Jeans | Bag | Watch | Shoes

Not sure what I love more, this leather jacket, or this marbled heart shaped cookie from 2 Tarts Bakery! I love a good leather moto jacket, they spruce up an outfit with such ease! Literally, you just slip it on! They are also something that will stay classic throughout the years. So investing in a good one, is never a bad idea! This one is actually a faux leather, but it is really high quality! So much so, that you would think it was real! Honestly, anything that Blank NYC makes, is amazing! Their jackets also come in real leather and real suede! I’m a huge fan of their denim as well, but that’s a little bit off topic!

Most real leather jackets are quite pricey, but if you can do it, then its 100% worth it. I unfortunately can’t afford a $300 jacket, so faux will have to do! This one is just under a $100, so not exactly cheap, but also won’t break the bank!  I wouldn’t go with a cheap $30 jacket in this case! Nothing against a good deal, because let’s be real I LOVE getting good deals! But you get what you pay for when it comes to faux leather!

When picking a faux leather jacket, that you want to last. Make sure to do a little bit of research. Buy from a brand that uses high quality materials, and that has built a name for good quality products! (I have kind of done the leg work for you here, because Blank NYC is all of those things. & no this is not an ad, I am actually obsessed!)

I think this would be the cutest valentines or galentines outfit! It definitely doesn’t scream those things, but is super cute! I hope this post helps you find the perfect Moto Jacket! Or inspires you to go get a cute heart shaped cookie, either way,  happy Monday my ladies!

Style, Wedding

Bridal Details

Dress | Shoes | Garters

Alright Dolls talking all about my bridal details today!! It’s so much fun finding the perfect little details to add to your dress and finding the perfect “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” for your wedding day! I had never really looked into the meaning of each of these things until it came time to get married myself. Here’s a little tidbit about these four items, and what they are meant to represent! Something old represents continuity! Something new will offer optimism for the future! Something borrowed is a symbol of  borrowed happiness! Lastly, something blue stands for love and fidelity! It’s kind of cool to actually know the meaning behind each item you carry or add to your outfit for the day of your wedding!


So, finding the perfect shoe for your wedding day can be kind of tough! Do you want to wear heals, flats, sneakers, sandals, cowboy boots? Really what you choose speaks for your personality, and everyone is different! I had high hopes of Jimmy Choo’s, Louboutin’s, Manolo Blahnik’s… but who was I kidding! I could not afford those. So I went to a ton of bridal shops and department stores and tried on low to mid priced bridal shoes!

My favorite brand was easily Badgley Mischka! She has a TON of options, and you can typically find some of her styles on sale. They are not necessarily cheap, but they are far cheaper than designer! I landed on this pair for obvious reasons! For one, they are gorgeous! Secondly, they added a little bling to my day, since my dress had almost zero sparkle! Lastly, they were comfortable! I wore these from 2pm until we left at 11pm! I won’t lie and say that my feet didn’t hurt at all, but I didn’t start feeling pain until that last 30 minutes! Which says a lot!!  Her shoes almost all come in different colors! White, Ivory, Champagne (the color I personally chose), blue, gold, silver, etc, etc…


I wanted to find garters that weren’t the typically stretchy satin! So I searched all over for the perfect lace ones, and surprisingly found these on Amazon for $13! They fit perfect, and I ordered them early enough to find out if they were going to be good quality or not!

Something Old

I wanted my something old to be sentimental, but who doesn’t? So we took a piece of my mothers wedding dress, and pinned it to one of the inside layers of my dress. This also truly symbolized continuity, since my parents have been married 32 years tomorrow!

Something Blue

My something blue was a handkerchief embroidered with my name in blue. It was a very sweet and thoughtful gift from my mother, and was perfect for the day!

Something Borrowed

Something borrowed was a rosary that we wrapped around my bouquets stems! It was lent to me from Jonathan’s Grandmother! It was the perfect thing to represent borrowed happiness, because one she is always happy, peppy and cheerful, and two his grandparents have been married for 55 years.

Something New!

When it came to something new, we kind of had it covered. I had a new dress, new shoes, and new earrings (that were the sweetest gift from my in-laws btw)! So there wasn’t much thinking to do in this department! Your something new could also be a new bracelet, a new veil, a new necklace! Really there are tons of options in this department!

Photographer:Jessica Elle Photography

Floral:Wolf Weddings

Bridal Store:Kleinfelds NY

Dress:Hayley Paige Decklyn Gown Solid White

Shoes:Badgley Mischka Munroe

As always, thanks for stopping by! I always love hearing from you, so tell me, what were your favorite Bridal Details on your big day? Or, what will be your favorite detail to pick out one day? Also, stay tuned for more wedding Wednesday’s as I share more and more of Jonathan and I’s big day!


13 Fun Facts About Me


I figured it would be fun to share 13 facts about myself that you may not know!! I shared a few of these on my Insta stories recently, but it inspired me to share a few more!! A little about the outfit above before I get started though!! I had to share this sweater for a few reasons! One it’s lightweight and will transition into spring really nicely! Two, it is EXTREMELY soft! When I wear it, I don’t want to take it off! Lastly, it goes with so much! I’ve worn it alone, with vests, and jackets, and it always looks good! So definitely check it out, it comes in a few other colors, and is really such a good basic!

Here Goes Nothing

1. I am obsessed with salsa! So much so, that I even make my own. I keep my chip to salsa ratio at about 10% chip, 90% Salsa! If I had to request a last meal… it just might be chips and salsa!

2. My closet it mainly neutrals! I really don’t mind it, but I try to tell myself to change it up all the time. Then I go to the store or online shop, and everything is in a neutral tone!

3. I am a huge klutz! I trip, bump into things, and knock things over all the time! Literally hip checking tables and counters all the time!

4. Growing up, my dream job was to be a fashion designer. I used to sketch out clothing ideas all the time! And let me tell you, they were not all that good… but hey my love for fashion was always there!

5. I double minored in college in New Age Art and Communications!

6. Jonathan and I are moving to Canada in April for 5 months! I have never lived anywhere but Texas, but hey, I am up for a new little adventure!

7. I was a cheerleader from age 11 t0 age 21! Two of those years were in college at A&M for their competitive team!

8. I don’t eat hamburgers or steak! Not for any special reason, but because I don’t like the way they taste! When I was little, I would spit them out in my napkins so my parents thought I was eating everything.

9. I have a really bad habit of tapping my foot. Jonathan tells me that I shake the whole car sometimes!

10. I have two go-to Starbucks drinks an iced coffee with a few pumps of vanilla and cream or an unsweetened Strawberry Green tea! Every once in a while I will change it up, but it’s pretty rare!

11. I love to workout, I typically work out 5 times a week! I really hate/feel weird when I don’t or if I am too busy and have to skip a day!

12. My favorite place to shop is easily Revolve, but hate that I can’t afford 75% of their stuff! So I just browse and dream most of the time! Nordstrom is a close second but has way more options on the affordable side!

13. I am obsessed with the Chik-Fil-A spicy southwest salad! I eat at least one a week! With a half-and-half tea on the side!

Alright y’all! That’s all I have, not sure if you’ve ever tried to share a ton of facts about yourself, but it’s actually kind of hard to think of on the spot! What is a fun fact about yourself? Leave me a comment down below!