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Not sure what I love more, this leather jacket, or this marbled heart shaped cookie from 2 Tarts Bakery! I love a good leather moto jacket, they spruce up an outfit with such ease! Literally, you just slip it on! They are also something that will stay classic throughout the years. So investing in a good one, is never a bad idea! This one is actually a faux leather, but it is really high quality! So much so, that you would think it was real! Honestly, anything that Blank NYC makes, is amazing! Their jackets also come in real leather and real suede! I’m a huge fan of their denim as well, but that’s a little bit off topic!

Most real leather jackets are quite pricey, but if you can do it, then its 100% worth it. I unfortunately can’t afford a $300 jacket, so faux will have to do! This one is just under a $100, so not exactly cheap, but also won’t break the bank!  I wouldn’t go with a cheap $30 jacket in this case! Nothing against a good deal, because let’s be real I LOVE getting good deals! But you get what you pay for when it comes to faux leather!

When picking a faux leather jacket, that you want to last. Make sure to do a little bit of research. Buy from a brand that uses high quality materials, and that has built a name for good quality products! (I have kind of done the leg work for you here, because Blank NYC is all of those things. & no this is not an ad, I am actually obsessed!)

I think this would be the cutest valentines or galentines outfit! It definitely doesn’t scream those things, but is super cute! I hope this post helps you find the perfect Moto Jacket! Or inspires you to go get a cute heart shaped cookie, either way,  happy Monday my ladies!

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